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We often think that paneer recipes require time as they need to be rich and spicy. However, this paneer in tomato gravy recipe can be prepared in just 30 minutes! Also the ingredients used in the preparation of this main course side dish recipe is easily available in your kitchen.

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  • This melt in the mouth starter is really easy and quick to prepare.
  • The paneer must be processed in a food processor for the right consistency.
  • Finally, garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  • If you are unable to find paneer in a store, you can also make it from scratch in your instant pot or on the stovetop.
  • As it transforms into vinegar, the solids in the whey will begin to settle at the bottom of your container.
  • It can be made at home, and it is recommended to do so because homemade cottage cheese is creamier and has a richer flavor and texture.

Meanwhile, sauté the paneer cubes in vegetable oil in a medium skillet. kitchen tools The paneer will release some liquid at the beginning. Careful once the liquid dries up, as the paneer will burn easily. Turn frequently to brown the paneer, and then set it aside until the masala sauce has thickened. This handmade artisan cheese from the town of Cotija in Michoacán is the cheese you commonly find sprinkled over your ‘elote’ or grilled corncob.

Here Are 11 Great Paneer Substitutes

Transfer the Spinach to a colander and run them under cold tap water or ice bath the spinach. I prefer not to use many whole spices in my Paneer recipes. I have not used canned tomato though, but you may use it if fresh tomato is not available.

Can Tofu Be Used As Paneer?

Paneer is not the same as cheese curds but it is also a type of cheese. Paneer is an Indian type of cottage cheese that is very tasty and easy to use in many recipes. Use the ricotta cheese in the same way your recipe tells you to use cheese curds. Consider the sweeter taste of ricotta and adjust the added sugar accordingly.


The protein and calcium in feta cheese will bring a lot of value to your health. Another Mexican version of cheese that will help diversify your cooking recipes is panela cheese. It has many similarities with paneer, so it will be a perfect replacement for paneer in dishes.

Paneer Bhurji

Panela cheese is a perfect paneer substitute. It is normally made from cow milk that has been pasteurized. I particularly love using it in my desserts because it makes everything taste better.

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To the pan, add 1/8 tsp jeera, 3 tbsp tomato puree and bring to a boil. To make it vegan, please use tofu instead of paneer and a little bit of cashew paste instead of heavy cream. Potatoes, Herbs and onions are easy to grow. Cause there will come a time where it’s the only things we have to eat. Follow this recipe step by step to make this perfect snack at home. The final step is to cut the firm paneer into cubes.

Just consume the herb for 15 days , then discontinue. If you find no change, you may continue, if you see reduction in weight. Sir I am suffering from diabeties and high BP . Please suggest me can I use paneer ka phool.

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